Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Problem

I have become one of those people that starts a blog and then leaves it untouched for months. It's been three months since I regaled you with my insights on various topics, and for this I am only somewhat sorry. However, I would like to share with my SCORES OF READERS how Pittsburgh has been dealing with the Snopocalypse. Snomageddon. The Snotorious B.I.G.

Here's my parents' house in Mt. Lebanon. It's hard to see how tall the snow is, except where my dad has shoveled the front walkway near the door. The official snowfall was about 21 inches. They say this is about a 15-year storm. It is definitely worse than the last huge one I remember back in 1993.

Here's the corner of Summer Place and Greenhurst Drive. See how big the piles of snow are? They nearly engulf the street signs.

I was surprised and impressed to find that this sidewalk was actually shoveled - most sidewalks are covered with snow pushed out of the street by the plows.

The storm caused a lot of trees and limbs to fall down, and left over 100,000 people without power. Most of it has been restored by now, though.

This half-buried trash bin in the park illustrates the depth of snow, and reminds me of R2D2. It's supposed to snow even more tomorrow and the rest of the week, and this stuff isn't melting any time soon. Stay tuned for more award-winning snow coverage!